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    Curious tenant seeks decorative bird houses

    A Carolina Wren checks out possible vacancies at decorative bird houses Hmmm, could there possibly be a vacancy in there? A Carolina Wren seems a little perplexed with this one! Determined to find a secure nest cavity for the mrs. and his future brood, he’s been eying up some decorative birdhouses the last few days. An inviting natural perch on this one (a stick from the yard) allows observation from a safe vantage point.

    After a few trips back and forth, the wren does indeed take a fancy to this fun birdhouse, and soon begins dragging in nest materials of moss, dried grasses, rootlets and pet hair. We load up and offer natural nesting materials early in the season to encourage birds to take up residence.

    Due to several factors, there really is a severe shortage of natural nest cavities. Competition is fierce, and it’s left many birds literally fighting for space to raise their young. Real estate is tough out there, so even the craziest birdhouses can help native species thrive!

    Ventilation, drainage, and a safe distance from entrance to nest are a few important factors to consider. With this in mind, many a beaked buddy would be thrilled to call these decorative bird houses “home”!