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    more cool birdhouse kits

     birdhouse kits by box for birds are innovative, fun and functionalSometimes a forgotten project, birdhouse kits are the perfect choice for school kids, youth groups, and families too. What better way to teach the importance of conservation and stewardship to the next generation? So many great lessons can be tied into birdhouse kit projects!

    Innovative, fun to assemble, and totally functional, these wood birdhouse kits provide real nesting sites for wild birds. In the off-season, they make for perfect roosting spots too. Real estate is tough out there, and competition for nest sights is increasing as habitat continues to shrink. Non-native birds like House Sparrows and Starlings are to blame for much of this competition with our native song birds.

    The “Box for Birds” comes in three great designs; traditional (shown here), Modern, which is a copy of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright House, and a church design too. They require no tools, or glue, and come with puzzle-like assembly instructions. The gist is sliding pieces of sturdy birch plywood that fit together in a snap! These substantial birdhouse kits may be painted, stained, or left natural. A fun project for kids and adults alike!

    Please help house the birds 🙂

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    birdhouse kits available in quantity discount

    Recycled Plastic Birdhouse KitFor all kinds of youth groups and school projects, birdhouse kits make the perfect choice. While helping to instill a sense of stewardship in children, the birdhouse kits serve as real nesting sites for wild birds to roost and raise their young. With a severe shortage in natural nest sites, mostly due to habitat loss and competition from non-native birds, birdhouse kits help to fulfill a critical need for Mother Nature’s beaked buddies.

    While the innovative kit at left is more like a puzzle, recycled plastic birdhouse kits arrive flat and ready for assembly. Bird feeder kits, and even bat house kits are available in durable and long lasting Cedar Chickadee Birdhouse kitcedar too. It’s a terrific and fun way to help teach kids about the importance of conservation and our environment.

    Whenever I read stories of school projects and birdhouse kits, it give me a good feeling that some folks actually “get it” and really do care. The Birdhouse Chick is more than pleased to offer a substantial discount on birdhouse kits purchased in quantities for any youth or school project. Please Contact us with your details, it’s just a small thanks for housing and feeding the birds! We’ll even send some ideas for home made nesting materials the kids can work on to further entice feathered friends.

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    Feathered Friends Really Use Birdhouse Kits

    Take on a fun project with kids that will really make a difference to wild birds.  With the nesting season in full swing, birdhouses are far and few between in correlation to the numbers of nesting birds. Destruction of habitat, and competition by non-native birds are the main culprits.

    Birdhouse Kits are great way to lend a hand to feathered friends, while teaching children the crucial message of stewardship. There’s so many types from which to choose too: chickadee houses, wren houses, bat houses, and bluebird houses can be created once and used year after year.

    Help wild birds thrive in your area utilizing creative birdhouse kit projects. The kit shown at left is even for adults! Totally green with it’s unique folding assembly, the recycled laminated paper folds together ingeniously. A cotton hanging strap makes for easy installation, and you can paint them however suits your fancy! Add some nesting material nearby and invite feathered friends to stick around your yard.