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    The Very Versatile Tube Birdfeeder!

    Tube Birdfeeder

    Wild Bird Feeders come in so many shapes and sizes that sometimes it’s confusing to pick one.  Of course functionality is at the forefront, while aesthetics might be important to some folks too.  The copper triple tube birdfeeder above is extremely versatile, with great features both you and your feathered friends will love!

    Three tubes allow for multiple seed mixes, attracing a greater variety of birds.  The weather guard helps protect birds and food from the elements, at the same time thwarting pesky squirrels from stealing seed.  The attached tray acts as a seed catcher to reduce and eliminate ground mess.  The newer polycarbonate plastics are very durable, and will not yellow with age.  Large capacity feeders also let you spend more time enjoying birds and less time filling feeders.

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    Why Clean Wild Bird Feeders?

    wild bird feeders

    In the natural world it’s “survival of the fittest” or “natural selection” which keeps species healthy and flourishing.  When we feed wild birds, there is an unnatural gathering that takes place.  Mind you, backyard birding is one of the most popular and relaxing hobbies today, and providing food and shelter for birds is a wonderful way to help them thrive.

    With our wild bird feeders, most of us don’t take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of diseases.  Aside from the regular molds and fungus that can make birds sick, they can develop viral infections as well.  These infections are easily spread at high-activity feeders, and carried to other feeders as well.  This little sparrow has conjunctivitis, a disease affecting the eye, causing irritation and swelling  at first.  Blindness usually follows, and soon death as the bird can not venture far to find food. They say if you see a sick bird like this at your feeders, it’s best to stop feeding, as you’ll decrease, or possibly avoid any further spread of the disease.  It’s a rare occurrence for a bird to fully recover from a disease like this.

    The most effective and practical cleaning solution is bleach! Simply mix 1 part bleach to 10 parts water.  Scrub with a brush and rinse thoroughly.  At the very least, shoot for once a month.  Your birds will be healthier and thank you for it!

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    Bird Accessories for Better Backyard Birding

    bird accessoriesBackyard Birding has come a long way, moving into one of mainstream’s biggest hobbies.

    The connection with nature is a huge relief and “de-stressor” from the everyday activities, and hustle-and-bustle for many folks.

    The good news is there are some great bird accessories designed to enrich your birding experiences and help feathered friends to thrive as well.

    Nesting material, for example, may attract birds who don’t use birdhouses (non-cavity dwelling birds). You’ll have a better chance of seeing more species, and fledglings,  just by adding this simple accessory.  It does not even have to be store-bought, you can make your own from dryer lint, pet hair, cotton yarns and string, mosses and things of that nature.  Just collect, roll in a ball and place in a mesh bag to hang from a tree or limb.

    Squirrel baffles are another excellent (and mandatory) bird accessory if you’ve got squirrels in your yard.  Baffles let you turn any bird feeder into a squirrel-proof bird feeder when used properly.  Many also work as weather guards too, saving seed from snow and rain.  Hanging baffles should be one-third larger than the feeder, and placed at least eight feet from any possible “launching spot” for squirrels.  Pole-mounted baffles need to be at least four feet from the ground, and again, eight feet from any possible launching spot.  You’ll save birdseed and money with use of a squirrel baffle.bird accessories

    Bird accessories also make lasting and excellent gifts for the nature-lover on your list.  Appreciated and actually used; what more could you ask for in a decent gift?