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    Explosive campaign on Change.org calls on Petland USA to end the sale of pets in its stores; more than fifty bloggers join campaign.

    WASHINGTON, DC – Thousands of people and more than fifty pet bloggers have joined a popular campaign on Change.org calling on Petland to stop selling commercially bred pets and support pet adoption instead.

    Mary Haight, who owns the Dancing Dog Blog, launched the campaign on Change.org following an announcement from Petland Canada that it planned to end pet sales across its Canadian stores. When she tried to contact Petland’s U.S. headquarters in Ohio to find out their response to the announcement, she never received a call back.

    “This is an opportunity for Petland to be a corporate leader,” said petition creator Mary Haight. “They claim to care about animals, but their actions don’t match that claim when the foundation of Petland’s business is based on buying from commercial puppy mills.”

    “Petland can break with past cruelties, be welcomed in communities, and build a strong base for the future by embracing the adoption model,” Haight continued. “Now that Petland Canada has announced their plan to fire puppy mills and employ the adoption model, Petland USA needs to stand up and be counted. Millions of animals are waiting for their help.”

    Earlier this month, more than fifty pet bloggers joined a blog action day hosted by Be the Change for Animals in support of Mary’s campaign on Change.org, the world’s fastest growing platform for social change. News of the online campaign is likely to increase pressure on Petland, which has long been under fire for its connections to commercial breeding facilities referred to as “puppy mills.”

    “What the pet blogging community has accomplished in just a few days is remarkable,” said Change.org Director of Organizing, Stephanie Feldstein. “Mary has managed to recruit thousands of supporters across the U.S. in her call for Petland USA to follow Canada’s lead in ending pet sales. Change.org is about empowering anyone, anywhere to demand action on the issues that matter to them, and it has been incredible to watch Mary’s campaign take off.”

    Live signature totals from Mary Haight’s campaign:

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    Explosive campaign on Change.org demands Ohio Governor John Kasich ban sale, ownership, and harboring of exotic animals after dozens of animals escape private zoo.

    ATHENS, OH – Thousands of people have joined a breaking campaign on Change.org calling on Ohio Governor John Kasich to ban the sale of exotic animals after over fifty animals escaped from a private Ohio zoo on Wednesday.

    Liz Dumler, a concerned Ohio citizen, launched the campaign on Change.org after as many as 56 exotic animals – including tigers, lions, bears, wolves, and leopards – escaped a zoo through gates left open by owner Terry Thompson, who was found dead in his house. As of Wednesday evening, around 50 of the animals had been shot and killed by police, and at least three animals – a grizzly bear, a mountain lion, and a monkey – were still at large.

    “As an Ohio native, I was shocked and outraged when I learned of the deaths of the exotic animals that were kept as pets in Zanesville, Ohio,” said petition creator Liz Dumler. “Sadly, the lack of laws and regulation in the state of Ohio concerning the sale and ownership of exotics have allowed this situation to happen. The deaths of these innocent animals shouldn’t be in vain, let’s change the laws in Ohio concerning exotic pets in their memory.”

    News of the success of Dumler’s campaign’s is likely to put pressure on Governor Kasich and other Ohio officials to prohibit the sale or ownership of exotic animals. Hundreds of exotic animals are currently kept as pets in Ohio, which is one of fewer than 10 states that do not regulate exotic animal ownership.

    “What Liz Dumler has accomplished in a matter of hours is remarkable,” said Change.org Director of Organizing Stephanie Feldstein. “Immediately following the escape of over 50 animals from a zoo in Ohio, Liz launched a campaign on Change.org and managed to recruit thousands of supporters in less than 24 hours. Change.org is about empowering anyone, anywhere to demand action on the issues that matter to them, and it has been incredible to watch Liz’s campaign explode overnight.”

    Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland had passed a temporary executive order to ban exotic animals, which Governor Kasich allowed to expire upon taking office.

    Live signature totals from Liz Dumler’s campaign:

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    Thousands join campaign on Change.org demanding investigation into North Carolina’s authorized killing of nine penned deer on Randolph County rehabilitation farm

    RALEIGH, NC – Thousands of people have joined a popular campaign on Change.org demanding the North Carolina Wildlife Commission investigate the shooting of nine tame deer on a rehabilitation farm in North Carolina.
    Millie Bowling, a concerned North Carolina resident, created the online petition after armed wildlife agents stormed a Randolph County rehabilitation farm on September 20 and shot and killed nine penned dear, including one fawn and a deer blinded in one eye.
    “I’m a great supporter of the wildlife commission,” said Bowling, who started the petition on Change.org, the world’s fastest-growing platform for social change. “But they are out of control shooting these animals.”
    Locals claim that the commission, game warden, and wildlife agents abused their power in the deer killing incident. While the wildlife agents who stormed the property claimed to have a warrant, residents counter that the warrant did not authorize agents to kill the animals, only to seize them.
    “Where were our fourth amendment rights in all this?” asked Jo Henderson, a neighbor who initially raised one of the slain deer before placing it on the rehabilitation farm. “It just breaks my heart. There was no reason to kill those animals, and our rights are being trampled. We’re not going to stand for it.”
    Attorney Matthew Altamura is representing rehabilitation farm owner Wayne Kindley. He released a statement saying, “The search warrant obtained by the WRC officers did not authorize any form of killing. The warrant was strictly limited to the seizing and holding of the deer until further order of the court. Acting without court order, the officers simply decided to shoot first and make excuses later.”
    News of the campaign’s success is likely to increase pressure on the wildlife commission. Henderson has been collecting petition signatures both online and offline and plans to deliver them at a wildlife commission meeting on Thursday.
    “People across the country have been moved by this campaign,” said Corinne Ball, Director of Organizing at Change.org. “This may have happened in a small community in North Carolina, but now folks from all over are paying attention. Change.org is about empowering anyone, anywhere to take action on issues that matter to them, and it’s been really incredible watching Millie Bowling’s campaign take off.”
    County resident Jo Henderson will deliver more than 6,000 signatures at the North Carolina Wildlife Commission meeting at 9:00AM on Thursday, October 13, in the NCWRC Conference Room at 1751 Varsity Drive.
    Live signature totals from Millie Bowling’s campaign:
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