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    Hey… Today is National Bird Day!

    Working to end the use of animals in science-The merican Anti-vivisection Society (AAVS)


    AAVS sponsors National Bird DayT

    American Anti-Vivisection Society sponsors National Bird Day!
    Take the short quiz & get the feathered friends screen saver!

    Birds are fascinating animals. They can be found in every color imaginable. Most fly, some swim. A few have wings that span several feet, while others only inches. The song of some can rival the beauty of a seasoned musician. And their courtship displays can be so elaborate, they can turn any girl’s, er, bird’s head.

    Like dogs and cats, birds are sentient creatures, but some turn a blind eye towards these animals, as the majority have little, if any, legal protection. AAVS has worked hard on their behalf, and we still do. In fact, AAVS was successful in our efforts to persuade the U.S. Department of Agriculture to include at least some birds under the protections of the Animal Welfare Act, and we continue to fight for the regulations that will help ensure their humane care and treatment. We know you appreciate birds just as much as AAVS.

    There are 9,800 bird species…and every one of them is special and unique. But how much do you know about birds? Take our quiz and find out. Get every answer correct and you’ll win a free screen-saver that celebrates our feathered friends!

    National Bird Day Sponsored by the American Anti Vivisection Society



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    Who are they? AAVS works to end the use of animals in science.