Squirrel Feeder

Squirrels Need Food, Too!

squirrelfeeders-thebirdhousechickThe same pesky squirrels that force you to put up baffles and barriers deserve a little treat now and then.  They deserve something for their effort because after all, it’s no easy task hanging upside down while stuffing your face!  Squirrel feeders are designed for those bushy tailed little rodents, though some of the more creative models make them work for their treats.  You might find a corn cob on a bungee cord, or a windmill type squirrel feeder that provides hours of enjoyment for you and food for the squirrels.  Let’s face it, some people might think it’s inhumane, but squirrels are used to retrieving food from tricky places, they’re natural scavengers after all.

With a squirrel feeder in your backyard you will also help to deter squirrels from making acrobatic attempts to get past your squirrel baffles and barriers.  It’s much better to fill two feeders once a week than one feeder three or four times a week because the squirrels are raiding your birdseed.

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