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    Birdhouse Kits and the “Birds for Brains” Project

    birdhouse kits

    Great Project Overview for Virtually any Organized Kids’ Group: Doing good in your community!

    Birds For Brains How To:
    Birds For Brains is such a rewarding program for kids, seniors and coordinators alike (the birds too!). If done right it will not take much funding at all to start and run.

    – First Off and Most Importantly the Volunteers– BFB is set up specifically to get kids of any age involved. Daycares, scout groups, 4H, classrooms or any group with kids at any age (or if you just have one child that you would like to get accustomed to doing good for the community.) At least one adult to plan and implement the program is needed or a group of adults such as an Audubon Chapter to oversee the children.

    – The Site- The easiest step is to find a place to visit and set up the bird feeders. Nursing or Assisted Living Homes, a retirement home or a single family home with a senior or disabled individual are in every neighborhood and will welcome the program and the enrichment that comes with it.

    – Bird Feeders- Many ways to keep the costs down, BFB was initially set up to recycle wood from discarded fence panels or scrap that can be found around town. This idea was thought of not only to recycle and help the environment but also to have another hands on activity for the youth. Any fencing or construction company can direct you to scrap wood that could be used and Google is great to find Do-it-yourself plans to build the feeders.

    We have not yet built any feeders for the program because once word got out about the program donations of feeders were given. We immediatley received a couple from the local Audubon Society Chapter and then as we approached Critters Feed and Seed to fill the feeders they to donated many feeders, not to mention the Birdhouse Chick donating 2 large rainbow finch feeders.

    – Seed- If you live in a larger community you have a feed store in the area that you can approach. This is great on so many areas, you are starting a relationship with a local company and shopping local (rather than the big box stores), the seed will be of the best quality, and the relationship you start will help the local seed store by spreading the word that they have helped a good cause out and hopefully will attract new business.

    Critters Feed and Seed in Moorhead, MN has been a wonderful partner and I cannot thank them enough!! When possible they get ‘sweepings’ from their seed supplier that would otherwise go to waste. This causes some additional work for the supplier and the vendor but when they hear that the seed is going to the Birds For Brains program they will be happy to offer the help. I have to mention that at times ‘sweepings’ are not available and Critters has been more than kind to donate seed off the shelf!

    If you do not have a seed store contact a grain elevator, local pet store or any location that offers bird seed. Make sure you explain where the seed is going and the Mission of BFB.

    – Visiting the Site- We ask that you stop by once a week or at the very least every other week to fill the feeders, clean the bird baths and spend some time visiting and interacting with the residents. Make sure that the activities coordinator knows when you will be there. Get involved and play games do activities or just visit.

    This may be too much of a committment for some, so get a couple families or groups together and take turns at the site. If you have a few get together a once a month committment won’t be any trouble, but most kids that get involved will probably want to do it more often

    Bird Feeder and Birdhouse Kits are also an inexpensive option for starting a site in your area.

    For more information, please visit 3littlebirdsonline.com website.

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    Cut Feeding Costs with a Hummingbird Feeder

    hummingbird feeder

    Backyard birding is a wonderful hobby, that for some like me, turns into an obsession! Too many feeders, too many bird baths to fill and clean all the time.

    Keeping bird feeders filled can get expensive, especially when using premium foods.  Every birdfeeder is equipped with a squirrel baffle…I’ve learned the hard way! When warmer weather approaches and it’s time to put out hummingbird feeders, I know it will only cost pennies to create the nectar hummingbirds adore.

    Last season I did a test with commercial red nectar and plain old sugar water…the sugar water mix won! One hummingbird feeder was filled with red nectar, while the other had the home made version.  Three times as many hummingbirds went for the sugar water. It convinced me immediately to make my own nectar .

    The recipe: 1 cup table sugar to 4 parts water. Could it be any easier? No need to boil the water (bacteria is spread through the birds’ bills at the feeders) but in doing so it dissolves the sugar quicker. I use 1 cup of boiling water until sugar is completely dissolved, then add 3 cups of cold water.  There is no cooling time and nectar is ready to go in feeders!

    If you do decide to try the recipe, NEVER add anything else to the mixture as it will harm, or even kill hummingbirds.

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    Hummingbird Feeders Go Eco

    hummingbird feedersReuse and Recycle with eco-friendly wild bird accessories.

    Recycled glass has become very popular in the last few years.  Even hummingbird feeders are available in this eco-friendly art glass.  These feeders are high quality, and functional design for any environment.

    The choices are amazing….you don’t have to use a red plastic version anymore!  The myth of the red feeder is really just a myth.  Tiny jewels know if the feeder has nectar in it for them…not sure how, but they know!hummingbird feeders

    With the vibrant hues and creative designs, hummingbird feeders make lasting, and excellent gift choices for the nature lover on your list.

    Commercial nectar is ok for hummingbirds, but we’ve found that plain old sugar actually works best to attract more hummers.

    Simple Nectar Recipe: 1 cup sugar to 4 cups water…nothing else in the mix as it will harm hummingbirds.

    You don’t have to boil the water–bacteria is spread through the bills of the hummingbirds at the feeders. Boiling water makes for quicker and easier dissolving of sugar. We boil 1 cup water, mix the sugar and add 3 cups cold water. The nectar is ready with no cooling time.  Store unused portion in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Happy Birding!