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    Bird Feeder Pole Resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa

    Three Arm Auger Stabilizes this bird feeder poleCrazy weather! That’s what we have in Georgia, it messes up the natural cycle. It creates havoc on the landscape, causes the horses to colic, and makes bird food go moldy fast… and there’s just a few consequences!

    Last winter was one of the wettest, nastiest seasons we’ve seen in a while. A tad bit drier this season, though it’s been unseasonably warm on many days. Because of the few frosty nights, it’s already caused some bulbs to force, which will subsequently die with the next frost 🙁

    A few rainy days in a row coupled with one or two torrential downpours has turned some natural areas of the yard into a muddy mess, which in turn affects the bird feeder poles. They start to lean, like the Tower of Pisa! Enter the the auger with three arms. It’s about the only pole that’s still standing straight. The sturdy design allows for a more secure and permanent installation.

    The three arms are attached to the auger, which is manually “drilled down” to ground level. The arms then act as a stabilizer to keep the bird feeder pole straight. And that it does! This innovative design does not actually include the bird feeder pole itself, it’s merely the base. But any standard one-inch O.D. (outside diameter) garden pole may be inserted into the base. I always wondered what that O.D. meant 🙂

    Manufactured by Droll Yankees in powder coat metal, you can be assured it’s quality stuff to last a lifetime. A fantastic investment if you’re looking for a sturdy garden pole that will really stay straight!