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    A Great Blue Bird House School Project

    blue bird house

    Recently I came across this article and thought it was a brilliant idea for a 4th grade class elementary school project. Worthy of posting to let as many as possible know about it, 70 bluebird houses were added to a community!  This project taught many lessons, including bluebird conservation.

    Atlas of Student Action for the Planet


    Bluebird Houses

    Forty-nine students built 70 bluebird houses to hang throughout the neighborhood. The wood was provided by the EPA and was cut by a wonderful volunteer. We then had a great day doing a multitude of math activities based on the geometry of the pieces and then assembled them in the classroom with a variety of electric screwdrivers and hammers. Each kid went home with one blue bird house to put in their own yard and we put up the extras around the school and the surrounding community. We had a blast!

    Goodwin School, 4th Grade
    Storrs, CT, USA

    Cantara / Toffenetti

    Anne Rash

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    Blue Bird Houses: Basic Nest Box to Castle!

    Nest Box basics to recycled houses, to deluxe architectural models, Blue Bird Houses come in many shapes and sizes!

    Blue Bird Housesblue bird housesblue bird houses

    Provide bluebirds with their required nest sites and help this iconic species continue to thrive.  Competition for these nesting cavities is still fierce, and by putting up blue bird houses, you can encourage them to nest in your yard.

    The best houses are not the most expensive, but the ones which are approved by The North American Bluebird Society. They have proper dimensions and drainage, and usually have some type of predator guard around the entrance. Simple nest boxes, can be acquired for as little as $15 to $20. While the more fancy and decorative models range anywhere from $50 to $400 depending on materials used and level of detail. This patina copper top bluebird house is actually hand crafted of PVC, the same vinyl siding on your house!  These types of houses will never crack, split or fade, and generally last a lifetime.

    Nesting material and bird baths will also encourage bluebirds to take up residence, as well as their favorite food: meal worms!

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    Female Bluebird Tweaks Nest in Bluebird House

    Thanks to this Nest Cam, see a female Bluebird make final tweaks to her nest inside this bluebird house!

    Video Courtesy of: Help-for-Bluebirds.org (HFBB)
    A non-profit organization dedicated to Eastern bluebird conservation.
    Name: Bluebird Shepherd
    Dedicated bluebird conservationist.
    Country: United States
    Website: http://help-for-bluebirds.org

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    Invite Bluebirds to Nest with Bluebird Houses

    bluebird houses

    Once abundant throughout the US, the North American Bluebird experienced a severe decline in population mostly due to competition for nest sites by non-native species, loss of habitat and pesticide use.  The House Sparrow and Starling are both fierce competitors for available nest sites, and are known to be very aggressive towards Bluebirds.

    Thanks to efforts by Bluebird Societies and many people who have constructed bluebird trails with nest boxes, their numbers continue to increase.

    Encourage bluebirds to nest in your yard by providing bluebird houses.  North American Bluebird Society (NABS) approved houses are best, to ensure successful broods.

    Bluebirds prefer open, grassy areas where they can perch and easily hunt their main diet…insects.  Beneficial to your environment, they eat insects considered to be damaging to gardens, like cutworms.

    Providing Bluebird Feeders with meal worms will also help attract them to your yard. For some reason…no other bird will enter a bluebird feeder!

    Our 2 successful broods this season were attributed to feeding meal worms daily and providing several fresh water sources…the babies are adorable, we hope to see them next year too!

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    Add to Your Window Hummingbird Feeder

    window hummingbird feeder

    Add Nesting Material Near Hummingbird Feeders

    Hummingbirds provide great entertainment, their sheer size and antics around feeders are fascinating to watch.  Did you know they are excellent pollinators too?  Yes, they’ll spread the love amongst your flower garden!

    In the next month or so, hummingbirds will begin their long migration back to winter grounds in Central and South America, so nesting season is coming to a close for this year.  But…next year you can attract more of the tiny jewels at your window hummingbird feeder by adding nesting material made especially for hummingbirds.  It’s called Hummer Helper, and has been endorsed by The Hummingbird Society.

    “It encourages nesting in a natural way” and may likely bring more fledglings to your feeders.  Hummingbirds also practice site fidelity, meaning they will return to the same spot every year if it benefits them.

    window hummingbird feeder
    Hummer Helper Nesting Material

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