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Unique Birdhouses Worthy of the Big Screen

October 27, 2014
posted by birdhouse chick @ 4:02 am

unique birdhouses in HollywoodYou know that saying a day late and a dollar short? Well for once we were early, so if this post resembles a previous one… it’s because we got too excited and jumped the gun on launch date!

Folks can now make their way to the big screen, thanks to a new innovation in mobile advertising. But it’s not mobile as in phones, it’s mobile as in wheels.

A few of our unique birdhouses might be worthy of the big screen… enough for a second look anyway, even if to say “what was that?” Birds find them swell places to nest and roost, and they’re even crafted with your own pooch as the model. So check out what we stumbled upon. Since the last post favored felines, we’ll touch on man’s best friend this time – the ever loyal canine :)

unique birdhouse will host many successful broods Daily sensory overload is apparent, but Zeusvision is something new and cool that will grab your attention. Extreme by all means, they’re 40-foot buses with a 31-foot digital screen on each side. Buses are complete with top-notch audio systems delivering fab sound as well. To experience this up close is to experience something pretty amazing!

The means can serve for public messaging where anyone could get their personal words or commercial ads seen in crowded public spaces. Ads are just one example; a football mom could use them to congratulate her son’s team on their championship, announce a wedding proposal in a big way, or just say something special in a larger-than-life manner! This innovation makes big media accessible to everyone, because your words or product may be worthy of something more than a post on social media.

no molds are used for these unique birdhousesBig city outdoor ads are owned by huge companies because of the price tag associated with prime real estate. That’s why they run their buses in these prime locations. Hustle-bustle cities like New York, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills are just a few, with new markets being added.

And because it’s an affordable service for individuals and smaller businesses, we’re thrilled to put these unique birdhouses on the big screen. How cool is that? Man’s best friend immortalized in a functional bird home… and up on the big screen to boot!golden retriever unique birdhouse is modeled after your own buddy

As a side note, this was posted in return for some advertising… they never made good on their promise. Big fat thumbs down for this company.

Wood Birdhouses Ought to be in Pictures!

October 10, 2014
posted by birdhouse chick @ 5:31 pm

HW-signWith so many groovy new innovations out there today, many folks’ ambitious dream of making it to the big screen is now within reach!

Though most of of the articles here are informative (we hope so anyway), they’re also a means of advertising and getting folks to our main website. We think some of our wood birdhouses are worthy of the big screen… enough for a second look, even if to say “what the heck?” Birds find them pretty swell places to raise their young, and they do seem to evoke a smile from cat enthusiasts. So check out what we stumbled upon.

fat-cat wood birdhouses are fun and functional Of the sensory overload bombardments we’re hit with daily, Zeusvision is something new and fun. Extreme, these are 40-foot buses built from chassis up with 31-foot digital screens on each side. Buses are complete with top-notch audio systems delivering the best sound money can buy. To experience this up close is to experience something pretty awesome and unusual!

The platform can serve for public messaging where anyone could get their personal words or commercial ads seen in crowded public spaces. Ads though are just one example; a sports mom could use it to congratulate her son’s team on their championship victory, announcing a wedding proposal or birthday, or just say something special in a larger-than-life way! The innovation makes big media accessible to everyone, because your words or product may deserve a tad more than a simple post on social media channels.

chillin-orange tabby birdhouseBig city outdoor ads are clearly dominated by large companies due to high costs associated with prime real estate. So they run their buses in these prime locations as well. New York City, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills are just a few, with new markets being added continuously.

And because it’s affordable for individuals and smaller companies like us, we’re fixin’ to put fat cat wood birdhouse up on the big screen! We’ll keep you posted on how it goes :)

Over 4 months later, this cheesy company went back on their word. After providing artwork for the ads… they failed to run anything. Thumbs down guys!

Who Uses Those Fancy Copper Roof Birdhouses?

August 21, 2014
posted by birdhouse chick @ 1:08 am

Single entry copper roof birdhouseSome birds use houses and some just couldn’t be bothered. Well, it’s more along the lines of instinct let’s say. Just as some folks have houses for birds, while some prefer an elegant birdhouse on their property. It’s because of the aesthetically pleasing design and great quality they look so perfect in the landscape. But these copper roof birdhouses are definitely meant for the birds!

Bluebirds or tree swallows are likely to use a single entry home, with good chances of titmice, nuthatches or chickadees taking up residency in these, or even a triple-entry style. You’ll never find goldfinches, cardinals, robins or jays setting up house in one of these beauties though. Their preferences are hedges, shrubs and trees.

On a more stately scale, martins are likely to nest in a larger house with 8 or 12 entries, often referred to as larger copper roof birdhousesdovecote styles, but we promise… doves will never use them! The only doves around our yards are mourning or ring-neck doves. On an extremely rare occasion, a white dove may be spotted-but these are domesticated and used for release at weddings and special events (not a fan of this practice).

Nobody will use any of these stunning birdhouses if you:

    • never tend to it
    • block the entries
    • keep it indoors for decor… but over the years we’ve heard this and seen this, and it’s kind of sad because we’re bird freaks-but to each his own. Chocolate and vanilla, right?

One important thing to note if you’re planning to provide these houses specifically for birds to nest and raise their young: house sparrows! Once heard of as sparrow slums, the multi-entry houses are always inviting to killer house sparrows. And killer in its true meaning, (not like killer-awesome) house sparrows are very aggressive towards native songbirds. Due to a shortage of natural nest cavities, competition for nesting space is brutal… just ask any bluebird or martin landlord :( If house sparrows are prevalent in your area, diligence is required to keep them at bay… regardless of any birdhouse you may offer.¬† Don’t take our word for it, detailed info on identifying and controlling these non-native and invasive birds can be found at

Happy 4th ~ Save 10% on Unique Birdhouses and Everything Else!

July 4, 2014
posted by birdhouse chick @ 9:38 am

Unique birdhouses are for year-round use as roosts too

Happy Birthday America-July 4th SavingsSave 10% Site-wide on unique birdhouses, feeders, bird baths… and everything else!



These wild birds wouldn’t know from birdhouses… the beach is their home. If you’re heading to the shore this weekend please think of the locals and share accordingly. From the National Audubon Society – tips for sharing the beach:

Audubon tips for sharing the beach

For pets, fireworks are horrifying, it’s animal control’s busiest weekend of the year. From MarleysMutts, here’s a few tips to keep your pets safe this weekend.

MarleysMutts 4th of July pet safety

Wishing all a Happy and Safe 4th of July Weekend!




Get ‘em Ready: Decorative Bird Houses and Then Some

February 17, 2014
posted by birdhouse chick @ 3:34 am

Time to clean and repair decorative birdhouses for nesting seeasonOkay, so maybe this one’s not so decorative, but it’s popular among downy woodpeckers. In time for nesting season 2014, it’s getting a facelift complete with metal predator guard… thanks to squirrels, and my neighbor, Tom. Because the guard was attached without measuring the roof line (duh!) he re-fashioned it to fit perfectly under the roof. Our downy’s say thank you!

Although it may not seem like it… nesting season is under way! Even though there’s still snow, bird’s instincts tell them it’s time. With just a day or two of warmer temperatures and sunshine, there’s already less activity at feeders and more time spent scouting and claiming nest boxes.

So it’s time to get all possible nesting spots ready for vacancy! You may have to drag your ladder through the snow… what? You’re not crazy like us? Remove old nests, and be sure boxes are in good repair, securely attached to their mounts, with no loose or questionable parts. If the entries have been damaged or enlarged, simply attach a predator guard to remedy. Your birds will be pleased :)

Here’s one of our new decorative bird houses that won’t need repair because it’s vinyl and comes with metal predator guards already attached. Vinyl/PVC construction and metal predator guards enhance these decorative bird housesIn a stunning Merlot color for spring, it’s like a two-for-one, it will host two families in the dual nest compartments. Four entrances with two bedrooms are perfect for chickadees, bluebirds, titmice and other small backyard birds.

Townies, the birds who live in the burbs are more likely to see early successful broods and fledges this year than their counterpart county birds. Townies have it good, with feeders, water and housing offered in many scattered backyards. Country birds have a tougher go of it with the miserable weather and what looks to be, a late spring. We hope for the best.

Competition for nest sites is tough out there!
So to help wild birds thrive, just pick out a new decorative bird house and nab 10% off, plus free shipping on $95 or more for President’s Day (all week)… our thanks for housing the birds :)


Shop Small Saturday for Holiday Wood Birdhouses that Bring Smiles

November 30, 2013
posted by birdhouse chick @ 2:36 pm

It’s a great day for deals across the net, free stuff with orders galore!

Holiday Wood Birdhouses are handcrafted and Bring Big Smiles... for birds too!

The trick is finding that special something for the one who has everything. If they happen to be tree huggers, or even the least bit into wild birds… look no further! Holiday wooden birdhouses are guaranteed to bring big smiles, and for the birds too. Even though we’re not anywhere near nesting season, these fun bird homes make awesome roosting spots on cold nights. They’re gifts that last and actually get utilized. Edible birdhouses are another fantastic idea too, you get the feeder plus a real birdhouse once the seed’s consumed. They’re festive, colorful, and oh so fun!

Say you’re looking for something really off-the wall? Man’s best friend immortalized as a fine birdhouse is sure to be the biggest hit ever! Totally handcrafted and made to order, we’ll even customize these canine bird houses from your photo…
no extra charge.

Add in free shipping, plus a stocking stuffer the birds will love, and oh yeah… 15% off, and that’s a sweet deal! Shopping small definitely has its benefits!
Use code bb15 now through Monday, Dec 2 to take advantage of this sweet deal for the holidays!

What Makes them Unique Birdhouses?

September 10, 2013
posted by birdhouse chick @ 2:02 am

You won't find these unique birdhouses sitting in fulfillment centers for mass shipping!Up-cycling seems to be a popular word these days, in fact it’s even a trend. The art of re-purposing, recycling and reusing materials and things to make new and useful things. From the artsy perspective, most of it centers around vintage finds, so it’s no wonder new stuff is made to look old and worn. Even designer jeans with their acid washes and holes can fetch a few hundred bucks!

It’s part of what makes these unique birdhouses appealing. But why? First and foremost, you won’t find them stacked on shelves in a huge fulfillment center awaiting mass purchase and shipping! Because they’re handcrafted from scraps and vintage materials, no two are ever even the same. That’s makes them pretty unique right there.

A primitive or folk art design is usually timeless, not a phase that’s here and gone. In fact these houses are actually designed with birds in mind (yes, many designs don’t even take birds into consideration).

Some of the bird-friendly features are:
A screen set above the floor. This makes it easier for mom to construct her nest with less material, it allows circulation and inhibits insect infestations which can be fatal to new hatchlings and nestlings.

Locking door on back for easy clean-out. If nests are not removed after babies have fledged, many birdhouses are deemed useless. Very few birds will re-use an existing nest. Also, removing the nest provides another spot to raise young for those birds who have two or three clutches per year. In fall when nesting is through, the house provides a roosting spot for cold nights, and protection from predators.

Proper ventilation and drainage are important things in the nest box world, and many designs don’t even address the issue. Placement of entrance is a big deal too. The hole should never be at the very bottom where predators have easy access. And the size of the entrance matters as well. When you see little tiny houses with large entries, or huge birdhouses with little tiny entries, well… this makes no sense, and it’s not good for the birds :(

This artist is local, which to me is a positive aspect on many levels. These reclaimed materials have been outdoors withstanding elements for a long time, which means they’ll continue to do so over the years. Now that’s good for the environment, good for the local economy, and above all… good for the birds!



why are there so many unique birdhouses out there?

March 8, 2013
posted by birdhouse chick @ 10:56 pm

This spaniel and other designs certainly make for some of the most unique birdhouses!While doing some bird house research and cruising the web yesterday, there were literally tons of unique birdhouses out there. Some of them began losing their uniqueness because they kept showing up, over and over again. Whimsical, finely detailed architectural styles, rustic, modern and just plain silly bird houses would all make the grade for a perfect nest site. Most had clean-outs, drainage and good ventilation. They also had safe distances from the entrance to floor-helping to keep nestlings safe from predators.

Truth is, the plain wooden houses also provide optimal nesting sites for feathered friends, provided the habitat is somewhat suitable. So why are there so many unique birdhouses out there? Well, for one, people like to decorate their spaces, giving a character and warmtThis artist uses a wicked sense of humor to craft his unique birdhousesh that applies to their outside environment too… call it curb appeal for the yard if you will. Outdoor space and gardening are wildly popular, and for many, backyard birding complements the garden, adding another dimension with moving color, sites and sounds.

Fostering nature is rewarding in many different ways. Whether growing tomatoes, watching birds at a feeder or monitoring bluebird boxes, something from within simply awakens the soul. And absolutely, in this chaotic and fragmented world… our souls could all use some awakening! Another reason they’re so popular? Many of the houses could be classified as bonafide art, expressions of the passion and sheer talent of the artist, who’s likely also into birds on some level.

Maybe that’s why so many unique birdhouses exist? With a severe decline in habitat, and shortage of natural nest cavities, it’s a really positive sign that more folks are helping to house the birds. And if your birdhouse happens to serve as an extension of your personality or character… so be it :)

Save on Wood Birdhouses… and everything else too!

November 17, 2012
posted by birdhouse chick @ 6:16 pm

Since the shopping craze will commence soon, we’re starting early with some attractive discounts and offers that will help stretch limited shopping dollars on some very cool wood birdhousesand everything else!

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And by the way, you might like this Texas artist extraordinaire?

Rustic Red wood birdhouse with vintage charm qualifies for American Express $25 Credit!The Maine Cottage is a unique Wood Birdhouse stamped by the artist himself

Handcrafted wood birdhouses done in reclaimed materials and vintage hardware, no two exactly alike. Meant for the outdoors and feathered friends, they make the perfect nest site and roosting spot for cold nights. Truth be told, most folks prefer to keep them indoors because of their old world beauty, and unusual charm!

Now with¬†6 months to pay, 10% off and FREE Shipping on us… that’s a deal to make any persons’ holiday bright and merry!

are unique birdhouses really functional?

October 18, 2012
posted by birdhouse chick @ 2:59 am

fun or fluff? Some unique birdhouses can raise questions as far as functionality for birdsWho doesn’t like cool stuff, and why would you be here unless you’re into birds? We really love backyard birding, almost fanatical about it! But the cool stuff has to work… for the birds. Be it nesting in spring, roosting at night, trouble-free feeders, misters that don’t leak, or solid heaters for baths in winter… it has to work well!

Our website, The Birdhouse Chick, affords us this really neat aspect: to live vicariously through buying and product sourcing. But when combined with a fanatical birding hobby, this can be dangerous! We’re sort of known for unique birdhouses, and I promise… the sources are wide and varied! Working with smaller companies and individual artisans, we’ve met some great folks along the way too.

Some of the prerequisites for new items are; Would we use it, is the quality there, and is it good for the birds? The useability just has to be there, real stuff versus fluff. All bird houses must have clean-outs, drainage, ventilation, proportional entrance and floor space, ample distance froThe wooden boathouse is ceratinly a unique birdhouse, and it's totally functional too.m entrance to floor, and it still has to be cool enough to want one in our own yard! But uniqueness may at times override functionality, and that’s not good for birds. Twenty five years of experience certainly helps, but who are we to say? If it’s questionable, then it’s likely not a good fit for the website.

One local artist crafts some pretty cool houses and feeders. The boathouse shown here has been a staple for the past few years because it’s unique and totally functional. While picking up some more the other day, Frank’s new creation had been erected in front of his shop (photo above). I liked it immediately, but started thinking about the feeder placement between nest boxes. Hmmmm, how safe is that for nestlings? Might this design attract dreaded starlings or house sparrows? They’re a major threat to most songbirds. One could always omit the birdseed, but then what’s the point? See what I mean… fanatical!

We were all birding beginners at one time or another, and like all things, learning comes from experience or research. But we also want to entice more people to the exciting hobby of birding, for themselves and the birds. Thus the continuous search for unique birdhouses and feeders that are fun and functional. So the jury’s still out on that feeder/house combo, but it sure is cool!