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    Happy Thanksgiving and a Box for Birds

    Some things to be thankful for this yearThough we all may seem to want more, most of us really have what we need. After viewing images of Hurricane Sandy, speaking with friends affected, and really taking it all in… I’m very thankful this year!

    A roof above, with heat that works. A hot shower with a killer Speakman shower head. A comfortable bed, food in the fridge, pets at home where they belong. Birds to feed in the yard everyday (especially the bluebirds) pesky squirrels, even weeds that need pulling. A business that’s survived some rough times, and oh, the repeat customers are the best, really thankful for them! Distributors who are willing to go out on a limb (thanks Mel and Goldcrest), vendors who have faith, artists who craft such wonderful work.

    These cool birdhouse kits make for an awesome nesting site for the Eastern Bluebird and Carolina Wren. The houses are assembled like a puzzle and are great projects for ages 4 to 104! In modern or traditional styles, check them out in action below:

    Box for Birds is an innovative birdhouse kit that makes a real home to raise nestlings         In traditional or mod styles, Box for Birds kits in action

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    totally fun birdhouse kits

    Fun Frog Birdhouse kitMost birdhouse kits are pretty straight-forward, in pine, or possibly cedar, they represent a pretty typical-looking nest box. Plenty of folks show an interest for birdhouse kits with more detail, like windows, porch railings and trim work, but no companies we know of have yet to manufacture something like that.

    I met someone who hand crafts these fun birdhouses and inquired about offering them as kits instead. They would be a hoot to paint, in solid colors, or prints, or even patterns. The Cat Birdhouse Kit could be painted to resemble a person’s cat, while the frog birdhouse kit could be anything the imagination desired. Totally fun and functional, these provide a proper nesting site for feathered friends. Complete with ventilation, drainage and clean-out, they’ll host many successful broods over the years!

    A great youth or family project, fun birdhouse kits like these help to capture a child’s attention, thus an avenue for teaching about wildlife, our environment and the importance of stewardship.Fun Cat birdhouse kit Look for these great birdhouse kits…coming soon!