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    Decorative Bird Houses Provide Real Nest Sites

    Even the most decorative bird houses can provide real nest sites for wild birds in your yard!

    For the sweet tooth in all of us…the Ceramic Cupcake Birdhouse, available in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Totally functional, these decorative bird houses are complete with easy clean outs on the bottom. With the vast destruction of natural habitat, birds greatly outnumber available nesting sites, in fact, real estate is scarce! Adding birdhouses will entice feathered friends and help them thrive and flourish.

    The birdhouse needn’t be a boring wooden box either. The artistic creations and gazillion themes available are really fun to peruse. Cat shape, dog shape, flower and bird shaped decorative bird houses will add a touch of whimsy and vibrant color to your garden or yard. And Besides the decorative aspect, you’ll be helping feathered friends in your neck of the woods with places to raise their young. Even when you’re stumped for a great gift, decorative bird houses make awesome and long lasting gifts that will be used and enjoyed by any birding enthusiast or nature lover on your list…for many seasons too!

  • Unique Birdhouses

    Whimsical Birdhouses Are Totally Functional

    Ceramic Birdhouses

    As spring approaches, nesting season begins for many wild birds.  The task of finding suitable nest boxes is difficult, as  birds far outnumber available birdhouses.  Adding attractive, whimsical birdhouses to your yard helps wild birds to thrive in many ways, plus adds life to, and brightens up your environment.  Protection from the elements and from predators are two other reasons birds seek bird houses as shelter, they’re not only for nesting purposes.

    Today, there are a myriad of fun, and unique birdhouses that will create a touch of whimsy in  your yard.  Classic architectural styles create a nice statement too.  Materials like stained glass and copper, weather proof stoneware, ceramics and wood are available.  The choices are endless, with functional art for your yard the birds will truly appreciate.  Please help house the birds!