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bulk discounts on great bird house kits

August 27, 2011
posted by birdhouse chick @ 10:37 pm

discounts and great project ideas for bird house kitsA swell project for kids aged 9 to 99, bird house kits have come a long way from the clunky, boring models of the past. Anything but boring, newer designs work the mind with their puzzle-like assembly. Many requiring no nails or glue, they make fantastic projects for school and youth groups, and real nesting sites for wild birds. Being fanatical backyard birders ourselves, with a commitment to conservation and the environment, you bet we’ll be happy to discount any bulk orders for bird house kits!wooden bird house kit requires no nails or glue

Several schools have already benefited from this offer, as well as the birds and the environment. For instance: Village Community School in New York purchased over 80 bird house kits for a park make-over last year. Aside from a generous discount, we donated nesting materials, a bluebird book, suet cakes with fun holders, and ideas for easy and inexpensive birdbaths. Together these items helped create a very bird-friendly habitat.

more cool birdhouse kits

July 23, 2011
posted by birdhouse chick @ 10:29 pm

 birdhouse kits by box for birds are innovative, fun and functionalSometimes a forgotten project, birdhouse kits are the perfect choice for school kids, youth groups, and families too. What better way to teach the importance of conservation and stewardship to the next generation? So many great lessons can be tied into birdhouse kit projects!

Innovative, fun to assemble, and totally functional, these wood birdhouse kits provide real nesting sites for wild birds. In the off-season, they make for perfect roosting spots too. Real estate is tough out there, and competition for nest sights is increasing as habitat continues to shrink. Non-native birds like House Sparrows and Starlings are to blame for much of this competition with our native song birds.

The “Box for Birds” comes in three great designs; traditional (shown here), Modern, which is a copy of the famous Frank Lloyd Wright House, and a church design too. They require no tools, or glue, and come with puzzle-like assembly instructions. The gist is sliding pieces of sturdy birch plywood that fit together in a snap! These substantial birdhouse kits may be painted, stained, or left natural. A fun project for kids and adults alike!

Please help house the birds 🙂

bird house kits for a new york park make-over

April 13, 2011
posted by birdhouse chick @ 12:17 am

Totally fun Recycled Plastic Bird House KitsAn elementary school in New york City has a great idea that’s going into action! Eighty school children at Village Community School will each assemble their own bird house kit, decorate, paint it and help install all 80 bird house kits in a nearby park.

When administration first contacted us, we were more thrilled with the idea itself, than the net profit from a sale. So much so, a deep discount was offered on the bird house kits, and they received a plethora of extras to further entice birds, and to get the kids more involved while making their project a huge success.

Chickadee, Wren and Eastern Bluebird wooden birdhouse kits were ordered, but 16 packages of assorted nesting materials were graciously added. In addition, there was a wonderful Stokes Bluebird Book, and 24 “Pop-Outz” recycled plastic suet feeders, (which are perfect for offering nesting materials) along with a pamphlet on “attracting nesting birds” for each child to take home.

Although bird feeder kits and bird food were thought not to be a smart idea for the area, we also sent along a few suet cakes and explained there would be no ground waste with which to contend. Now I can’t wait to see pictures of the project in progress or the finished product. Park services will be taking care of the water aspect as far as birdbaths or small ponds, making sure there are ample fresh water sources to help birds thrive. The birds in this area of NYC are getting a great make-over!

By the way… the tooled leather birdhouse kit shown here is actually recycled plastic-and super fun to assemble. It provides a real nest site for feathered friends and lasts for years to host many successful broods!

Eco-Friendly birdhouse kits for fun projects

March 26, 2011
posted by birdhouse chick @ 11:41 pm

The Totally Green Birdhouse KitNo tools required for these fun birdhouse kits… only imagination! Totally Green Birdhouse Kits are made from 100% recycled paper, which is then laminated into a sturdy board. With a 1.25″ entrance, they’ll attract chickadees, nuthatches, wrens and titmice, A spacious weatherproof design makes the bird house biodegradable after the nesting season.

This type of kit is perfect for children of all ages because it’s fun to assemble, requires no tools,  and may be painted or decorated any way imaginable. The packaging is even a keeper, providing great info and photos presented in a fun way. Assembled by folding two die-cut pieces of board that fit together ingeniously, these birdhouse kits are even fun for adults too!

Early spring is the optimal time to offer cavity-dwelling birds a place to nest and raise their young. Being a great school or youth group project that promotes stewardship, we’ll even offer bulk quantity discounts on birdhouse kits for any interested parties… our thanks for housing the birds 🙂Birdhouse Kit is painted to resemble a real house

totally fun birdhouse kits

February 8, 2011
posted by birdhouse chick @ 4:00 pm

Fun Frog Birdhouse kitMost birdhouse kits are pretty straight-forward, in pine, or possibly cedar, they represent a pretty typical-looking nest box. Plenty of folks show an interest for birdhouse kits with more detail, like windows, porch railings and trim work, but no companies we know of have yet to manufacture something like that.

I met someone who hand crafts these fun birdhouses and inquired about offering them as kits instead. They would be a hoot to paint, in solid colors, or prints, or even patterns. The Cat Birdhouse Kit could be painted to resemble a person’s cat, while the frog birdhouse kit could be anything the imagination desired. Totally fun and functional, these provide a proper nesting site for feathered friends. Complete with ventilation, drainage and clean-out, they’ll host many successful broods over the years!

A great youth or family project, fun birdhouse kits like these help to capture a child’s attention, thus an avenue for teaching about wildlife, our environment and the importance of stewardship.Fun Cat birdhouse kit Look for these great birdhouse kits…coming soon!

birdhouse kits available in quantity discount

November 20, 2010
posted by birdhouse chick @ 10:48 am

Recycled Plastic Birdhouse KitFor all kinds of youth groups and school projects, birdhouse kits make the perfect choice. While helping to instill a sense of stewardship in children, the birdhouse kits serve as real nesting sites for wild birds to roost and raise their young. With a severe shortage in natural nest sites, mostly due to habitat loss and competition from non-native birds, birdhouse kits help to fulfill a critical need for Mother Nature’s beaked buddies.

While the innovative kit at left is more like a puzzle, recycled plastic birdhouse kits arrive flat and ready for assembly. Bird feeder kits, and even bat house kits are available in durable and long lasting Cedar Chickadee Birdhouse kitcedar too. It’s a terrific and fun way to help teach kids about the importance of conservation and our environment.

Whenever I read stories of school projects and birdhouse kits, it give me a good feeling that some folks actually “get it” and really do care. The Birdhouse Chick is more than pleased to offer a substantial discount on birdhouse kits purchased in quantities for any youth or school project. Please Contact us with your details, it’s just a small thanks for housing and feeding the birds! We’ll even send some ideas for home made nesting materials the kids can work on to further entice feathered friends.

fun birdhouse kits make great projects

October 15, 2010
posted by birdhouse chick @ 8:36 am

edible bird feeder kitA great project for any boys’ or girls’ youth group, or for something fun to do at home on a rainy day, bird feeder and birdhouse kits are the perfect choice!

Teaching children the importance of conservation, and learning about their immediate environment, birdhouse kit projects help to instill a valuable sense of stewardship with a fun, hands-on approach.

From Edible Feeder Kits, to “You Paint It” Wren House Kits, a large selection of reasonably priced birdhouse kits awaits assembly. Many require no tools at all, and some are more like puzzles with unique folding assemblies….meant for kids from age 4 to 104!

Recycled plastics have made their way to the birdhouse kit scene, with some vibrant colors and way cool designs.recycled plastic birdhouse kit They’re guaranteed to grab a child’s attention, while creating a useful roosting spot and nesting site for feathered friends.

A New Generation of Birdhouse Kits

September 8, 2010
posted by birdhouse chick @ 9:01 am

Branches Design Innovative Birdhouse KitsInnovative designs seem to bring about a new twist on old things. Totally fun and functional, these birdhouse kits are fun for children and adults to assemble. No tools required either! They’re made from recycled plastics, and come in some vibrant colors and designs.

They’re meant for feathered friends, to provide real nesting sites in spring. Bird will also use these fun birdhouses to roost on cold winter nights, for protection from predators, and the elements as well. By adding some dried grasses or clean straw, you’ll provide some extra insulation from the cold.

Birdhouse kits make wonderful projects for school or church groups, Brownies, Boy Scouts or any activities group. They’ll help teach a valuable lesson on stewardship for the environment and creating a wildlife friendly habitat with three main elements. Food, Water and Shelter. Help kids learn about native plantings that will provide food and shelter for birds. Water can be as simple as a plant saucer on the ground filled with fresh water.

You can help local bird populations thrive and flourish by teaching the next generation about wildlife friendly habitat.Innovative and fun birdhouse kits These birdhouse kits just may grab their attention and make the project fun!

Some Really Groovy Birdhouse Kits

August 18, 2010
posted by birdhouse chick @ 10:05 pm

Recycled Plastic Birdhouse KitsCavity dwelling birds face a very sad real estate problem…good homes are not so easy to come by these days. Mostly because of the vast destruction of natural habitat giving way to strip malls, schools, and more subdivisions. But also from the competition of non-native species. Just who brought over those House Sparrows anyway?

An educational and fun way to provide real nest sites for your feathered friends is with birdhouse kits. The standard wooden kits are widely availablRecycled birdhouse kits in fun colorse, even as bird feeders and bat house kits. Mostly crafted of durable cedar, they’ll provide many seasons of use and enjoyment. Lately, recycled plastics are the new craze in wild bird accessories, and they’re awesome as far as durability. Most are guaranteed to never crack, split or fade, plus they help to keep these plastics out of landfills. No worries of squirrels gnawing on them like traditional wooden bird accessories.

These recycled birdhouse kits have a unique design that’s fun to assemble, for little kids and big kids too. The groovy designs and vibrant colors are just plain fun, and best of all they provide great nesting sites, as well as roosting spots for wild birds. ThRecycled Plastic Birdhouse Kitse 1.25″ entrance is perfect for many small to medium-sized birds, and the perch is removable. These recycled plastic birdhouse kits add a splash of color in the yard, and will look great for years too.

Fun Birdhouse Kits for Ages 8 to 88

July 25, 2010
posted by birdhouse chick @ 10:49 pm

Recycled Plastic Birdhouse Kits in Vibrant ColorsInnovative and fun to assemble, these recycled plastic birdhouse kits provide real nest sites for feathered friends. The vibrant color combinations (and patterns too) will have young and old admiring them for their simplicity and charm. No tools are required for assembly, and they Recycled Plastic Birdhouse Kits in Fun Colorsmake great projects for a rainy day at home, and for youth or church groups.

The non-toxic plastic is safe for birds, and ensures many seasons of use and enjoyment. With a 1.25-inch opening, these birdhouse kits are perfect for small to medium size songbirds. The hardest part is picking out the color!

With a severe shortage in natural nesting sites, you can help birds to flourish and thrive in your neck of the woods by providing birdhouses for them to raise their young. Birdhouse kits like these also provide great roosting spots for cold winter nights. Please help house the birds!

Recycled Plastic Birdhouse Kits in Fun Colors