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The Invaluable Ant Moat

Ants just love sugary, sticky, sweet nectar! Whether it’s Hummingbird, Oriole or butterfly nectar, if they can get to it…you bet they will find it! But the good thing, and saving grace for those who feed nectar, is that ants can’t swim. They are virtually unable to cross a small body of water. Enter the invaluable ant moat.

These little gadgets make the difference between great birding experiences vs. pesky, miserable ones filled with unwelcome guests. Simple by adding an ant moat to your hummingbird feeder, or other nectar feeders, you will stop ants dead in their tracks.

The ant moat shown here is a little nicer than the standard model, but they all do the same thing…stop ants from getting at nectar. In the heat of summer, a drop of salad oil may be added to the water to slow the evaporation process. Remember, the ant moats will not work unless they are kept filled with water.

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