“Pay It Forward” Community Launches to Sponsor Spay/Neuter for Pets

Website Connects Pet Owners with Pet Lovers to Help End Pet Overpopulation

NORFOLK, VA – May 3, 2011 – Life challenges, such as those brought on by the recent recession, often prevent pet owners from spaying or neutering their pets. However, with the help of the FiXiT Foundation and its new initiative launching today, GetYourFix.org, pet owners in need are now able to find sponsors to fund their pets’ spay/neuter to help prevent overpopulation.

“Every eight seconds, a dog or cat is euthanized in U.S. shelters because of overpopulation,” said Kellie Heckman, executive director, FiXiT Foundation. “With GetYourFix.org, we hope to put an end to this by helping those in need. Paying it forward is a common gesture in our society. This is an opportunity to do something for the greater good, as well as save the lives of millions of animals.”

GetYourFix.org is a website where pet owners can post a need for a “fix,” and “funders,” who want to have a direct impact on ending animal overpopulation, can connect with them and sponsor their pet’s surgery. Funders can connect directly with a low cost spay/neuter clinic or veterinarian to donate the funds or have FiXiT coordinate the surgery on their behalf.

“Many pet owners have already posted profiles to GetYourFix.org and shared their stories,” said Stephanie Downs, president of the board of directors, FiXiT Foundation. “Some of them note that they saved an animal from an abusive situation or abandonment and are unable to afford spay/neuter. Others mention that they recently lost their job or moved from poor living situations. Despite their economic status or how they became a pet owner, everyone should have the opportunity to spay or neuter their pets, and GetYourFix.org provides just that.”

There are countless heartbreaking stories of pet owners who want to spay or neuter their pets, but need a little help. One profile story is of Squeaky. Her owner is a truck driver that never planned on being a pet owner, as he knew he did not have the resources, but rescued Squeaky from an abusive situation. Once spayed and housetrained, Squeaky will accompany him on his long treks. There is also the story of Mepurr Clyde, a seven-month old kitten who was adopted for his owner’s autistic son. However, Mepurr has just began spraying, and the owner is unable to afford the cost of the surgery because she recently lost her job.

“The goal of GetYourFix.org is to close the affordability gap of spay and neuter,” said Downs. “With the increasing number of mandatory spay and neuter programs, and many without funding opportunities, GetYourFix.org is a way to connect needy pet owners with sponsors to ensure that they are able to comply with these programs while providing the best possible care for their pets.”

The FiXiT Foundation launched a year ago to end euthanasia due to pet overpopulation. Recently, it implemented a spay/neuter case study on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands to test various incentive programs to entice pet owners to spay or neuter their pets.

For more information about GetYourFix.org, visit http://www.getyourfix.org or text “FIX” to 22122. For more information about the FiXiT Foundation, visit http://www.fixit-foundation.org.

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