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    Seed Catchers promote healthier birds

    Promote healthier bird populations in your yard with seed catchersWhen spilled birdseed sits on the ground for a few days, it gets nasty. Combine that with some rain and warmer temperatures, (like we’ve been having in the south) and you get insta-mold. That’s my word for quickly-molding, bacteria producing, old seed. Ground feeding birds like some sparrows, juncos and even cardinals will forage through this nasty stuff looking for a decent bite to eat. Thus, bacteria and germs are spread amongst your backyard birds. The result is usually a respiratory infection and many time turns into conjunctivitis. In birds, this disease is usually fatal.

    Aside from keeping feeders themselves clean, it’s important to be aware of the entire feeding area, including the ground below your bird feeders. Seed Catchers greatly reduce spilled seed, while keeping the appearance of your yard nicer. Eliminating the ground mess below feeders really does promote healthier birds.

    The large seed catcher shown here features an adjustable and innovative design. Known as the Seed Hoop, it works virtually with any bird feeder, whether hanging or pole-mounted. Available in a 16-inch diameter, it accommodates most tube-style feeders, even those hung on a shepherd’s hook. The larger 30-inch diameter may actually be pole-mounted below the feeder by cutting a slit in the center of the seed tray. If this is the desired use, it’s best to place some duct tape around the slit, and here’s why: We’ve had the 30-inch seed catcher installed on the pole itself with a finch feeder above. Over several months, this center hole has gotten larger from removing and replacing the tray for cleaning. Besides… duct tape fixes everything, right?

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    seed catchers serve as second feeder

    seed catchers and trays give other birds a new spot to feedHopper and tube style bird feeders will not accommodate many birds. Cardinals, Jays, Juncos and larger Woodpeckers have a tough time on the small ledges or tiny perches, so platform feeders are better suited for these birds.

    Most of the new seed catchers actually serve as platform feeders, offering a an additional area for other birds to feed. Not only will seed catchers and trays keep ground mess to a very minimum, they virtually eliminate wasted seed as well. This makes your seed go further… while spending less money on it!

    This recycled plastic seed catcher is made for a 4×4 post. With removable screens for easy cleaning, the large 23 x 21-inch feeding area will entice new bird species to your feeder. The same tray is available in durable cedar, and also made for a standard 1-inch feeder pole. Hanging seed catchers and tray are also available, and most are adjustable to work with different bird feeders.

    With so many variations in seed catchers, there’s plenty to choose from that will work with your existing feeder. Entice more birds to feeders by adding a platform-type seed catcher!



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    seed catchers and white doves

    seed catchers and white doves?What might seed catchers have to do with white doves? Absolutely nothing, except this post was going to be about the benefits of seed catchers… until I received a strange phone call from a customer this morning.

    A request was made for an 8 x 8 birdhouse for white doves. Now from a past experience I told the person that doves aren’t likely to use birdhouses. He proceeded to tell me he was purchasing fourteen white doves from a rental company. This piqued my curiosity, so I asked him “why would you do that?” His answer was to keep his niece happy. So I asked “how old is your niece?” “she’s two years old” he said. My suggestion was that he purchase some stuffed animal white doves for her instead.

    It turned out he needed an eight foot by eight foot enclosure to keep the doves housed. I asked him to look-up bird aviary on the web to get an idea of what he would need. He proceeded to tell me “four grand a pop”. So I reminded him this would be an expensive, and time consuming endeavor, besides the fact doves are not pets. I can only hope I deterred him in his final decision.

    Oh yeah… and here’s a great seed catcher that’s adjustable for hanging or pole-mounted feeders. Seed Hoop is a large adjustable seed catcher that fits most bird feedersThe SeedHoop is a large, 30-inch diameter tray that is very effective at catching spilled seed… and even doves (mourning doves that is ) will rest and eat on the large open surface. Maybe seed catchers and doves do have something to do with each other after all?