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    get them buzzing at your window hummingbird feeder

    Entice more sprites to your window hummingbird feeder with Pop's Swing and Hummer Helper Nesting MaterialWith the mild winter season across most of the country this year, it won’t be too long before the hummingbirds are back! Unlike any other songbirds, the tiny sprites are really in a class of their own. If you already have them around your place, then you know what I mean. If not, this is the year to feed, plant, and attract them to your yard.  The rewards are mesmerizing and tenfold! And, no birdseed to buy… you can make your own nectar from plain table, or cane sugar (no substitutes) and water.

    To further entice hummingbirds to your window hummingbird feeder, moving water is always a huge attraction! Here are two other very cool accessories which promise Pop's Hummingbird Swing is a fantastic accessory to hang near your window hummingbird feederto bring them buzzing! Check out Pop’s Hummingbird Swing and video below, and Hummer Helper Nest Material (endorsed by The hummingbird Society).

    Place this simple but elegant Hummingbird Swing near your feeder and hummingbirds will use it as a territorial perch to watch over their food source. Tested and trusted, check out the video below. Swing, Eat, Chase away other hummingbirds.. repeat! Enjoy!

    Hummer Helper Nest Material has actually been endorsed by The Hummingbird Society as being the only commercial nest material that will increase visits to your window hummingbird feeder. By encouraging nesting, juveniles will follow parents to the feeders, and if the habitat is right… those same hummers will return next season! Site fidelity plays a huge role in hummingbird migration, if they find a place they like, they return to that place year after year. Pretty cool, huh?hang the hummer helper nest material and attract more sprites to window hummingbird feeder

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    Pretty Parasol Ant Moat

    Parasol Ant Moat in RedFor those who adore hummingbirds and enjoy feeding them, an accessory like the ant moat is of utmost importance. Sweet and sticky nectar is a real attractant for pesky ants, and can easily ruin the whole experience of feeding and watching these flying jewels.

    By adding an ant moat to hummingbird or other nectar feeders, you’ll stop ants dead in their tracks. Ants can’t swim-so they’re never able to cross the moat as long as there’s water in it.

    Standard ant moats will serve the purpose well, but Parasol ant moats add grace and charm to pretty hummingbird feeders. Parasol ant baffles are also available for staked hummingbird feeders and will keep ants away from nectar by using a touch of petroleum jelly on the underside.Parasol Ant Baffle for Staked Feeders

    Whether a hanging or staked type feeder, an ant moat or baffle helps to provide a better birding experience for you and feathered friends!