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    Edible Birdhouses are Back for Holiday!

    Birdies Bed and Breakfast Edible BirdhouseYa just can’t go wrong with two gifts in one that birds love. Not to mention that edible birdhouses also put a smile on the recipient’s face!

    From the heartland USA made, premium quality seeds coat these fun and festive birdhouse-feeder delights. More than just a pretty little whimsy, underneath is a real wooden bird house that serves as nesting spot and winter roost once seed is consumed.

    The Bed & Breakfast Chalet or Wren Casita will see lots of winter feeding, and then host many successful broods over the years!Encourage nesting in your edible birdhouse once the seed'd gone

    To get the most from any edible birdhouse:

    For use as a feeder: Best to hang in a sheltered area- away from squirrels and the elements. A weather guard or squirrel baffle is ideal, allowing it to feed more birds over a longer period of time.

    Once the seed is consumed: The birdhouse may be stained, painted, or left natural. Simply hang from a branch in a quiet area to provide songbirds the perfect nest site. During the “off-season”, they offer swell roosting spots too.

    A win-win holiday gift for any backyard birder or nature buff, edible birdhouses simply rock for their fun character and functionality. The birds will thank you too!

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    A true beauty of a stained glass bird feeder

    http://www.thebirdhousechick.com/product/BHG-DKBL-FD-DSIt shimmers, it sparkles, and light dances off its panels with grace and beauty beyond compare. This stained glass bird feeder will never fade or warp, and for the most part… it’s impervious to the elements. A generous hopper holds 3 to 5 pounds of seed, depending on the mixes’ density.

    Hand hammered copper is used for the tray (with drainage) and roof, and the feeder’s topped off with a copper hanger. Wood is good, but a non-porous surface like glass or copper is much more resistant to bacterial growth. This means food stays fresher, making it a healthier feeder for your birds.Wth generous capacity, this glass bird feeder is actually healthier for wild birds

    In an array of stunning colors, this artist even welcomes custom orders. A few years back, there was a holiday version created using red and green panels.

    Tis the season~to remember feathered friends! And always know that a gift approved by Mother Nature is one that will actually be used and enjoyed!