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    The Unintentional Bird Bath

    Sump pump outlets can become natural bird baths for all seasonsLast winter a water problem was discovered in the crawlspace. Ground water was coming up pretty high and slowly rotting out the support beams. First thought to be a lack of ventilation – but it turns out this had been a longstanding problem.

    Over the summer a sump pit was dug, a pump and float switch added, and drain hose was run outside, across the side yard. A simple outlet was created with gravel. It pumped all winter long, even during snowy weather, and is pumping right now. The water pools around the gravel and ultimately sinks into the ground.

    Flocks of resident birds gathered there all winter, particularly during really cold weather. While this is near the bird feeders, there were many birds (like robins) who don’t typically use them. Every time the pump ran, birds would swoop down and take a dip, or drink, and otherwise frolic in the temporary pond. Leaning towards burying a bird bath or some kind of large shallow form near there for summer so the water will be able to pool longer.

    This is clean, filtered ground water, it flows so it doesn’t freeze, and will be cooler in summer months. The best thing… it’s going to good use for the birds!

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    New Years Note for One of Our Bird Baths Ends 2013 Nicely

    A happy New Years Note for One of our Donated Bird Baths

    On the last day of 2013 it was nice to receive this note via snail mail. It was a thank you which stemmed from a resident’s simple request for a birdbath to attract some birds at the nursing home. We sent along one of the hanging bird baths, a couple of suet cakes with cages, and some easy suet recipes in hopes the kitchen staff might humor the residents – and help feed the birds on a tiny budget!

    A post was published hoping some other birding businesses might catch wind of the simple request. A couple of benches would’ve been really nice for the folks to sit outside and enjoy the birds, but that was beyond our realm. It was just good to give, expecting nothing in return, and we managed a good bit of that for 2013, and will continue to do so in the new year!

    Yes, 2013 had its ups and downs, from Fiscal Cliffs and natural disasters, to super storms, a never-ending winter, and government shut-downs. The Monarch migration was a bust, and bats and bees continue to perish at alarming rates. That last part may not sound very important… but just ask a farmer who grows crops. Without these pollinators the future could be grim.

    So, Welcome 2014!
    May winter be swift, for early nest starts and spring bulbs forcing through, for a safe and timely return of hummingbirds and all migratory birds, for a new awareness and stewardship of the nature around us, and for many happy & healthy fledges for all our feathered friends!

    Oh yeah.. and here’s that nice note 🙂Happy New Year and lovely note for a donated birdbath

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    Cool Pint-Sized Bird Baths

    Even the smallest of bird baths entice feathered friends provided water is kept freshThere’s really only one rule when it comes to enticing birds with water… keeping it fresh!

    Bird Baths of all sizes and shapes are known to attract and keep birds coming back, in fact it’s the easiest way to attract them. Although depth is also important (optimal is 2-3 inches) a large rock may always be placed in the bath for safe perching should the bowl be deeper. And there’s absolutely no rule that says you must fill it to the top! Especially in summer, when lots of fledgelings are around, shallow bird baths are safest for all.

    This mini-bath is a fun way to offer fresh water because it has lots of perching spots. Vibrant stained glass (in six designs) catches light beautifully, and best of all, it can be used as feeder in winter months. Is it too small for a bath? Nope… we’ve seen titmice and chickadees drinking from ant moats!

    When used as a dish feeder, these mini-baths will accommodate a great variety of treats too. Seed mixes, suet & nuggets, shelled or whole peanuts, fruit, even mealworms if you’re so inclined!

    Shown in the bluebird style, there’s a hummingbird, butterfly, lady bug, dragonfly and bumble bee too. Each in vibrant stained glass and copper, these pint-sized bird baths are excellent for small spaces like on the deck, patio… or even the apartment balcony!