The Ultimate Bird Feeder Pole

October 4, 2010
posted by birdhouse chick @ 11:01 am

Squirrel Stopper Feeder StationA great feeding station is one that never needs to be replaced and virtually lasts a lifetime. It’s also one that includes a built in squirrel baffle, so there’s no need for additional accessories. Add four large arms to this that accommodate hanging feeders, birdbaths, or flowers and you get the ultimate bird feeder pole!

The Squirrel Stopper is an innovative bird feeder pole that’s available in black or white, and accommodates up to eight feeders, houses, baths or baskets, The pole screws into the ground for added stability, and the all steel construction means it’s rust-proof too. Simple to install, there are no tools required for assembly.

Three stainless steel springs inside the baffle allow it to float up or down, and from side to side,  this foils squirrels every time…guaranteed! A little bit of an investment, it’s well worth every penny for a backyard birder’s better experience.

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