Nest Material at Thistle Bird Feeders

May 20, 2009
posted by birdhouse chick @ 8:31 am
Goldfinch with Nest MaterialGoldfinch with Nest Material

Although Goldfinches will visit thistle bird feeders all year long, summer time is when their vibrant yellow plumage is displayed.  Completing two full molts per year, this is just in time for their breeding season.  They are primarily monogamous, and one of  the latest bird species to nest, waiting until late June or July.

You can encourage Goldfinches to nest in your yard by offering nesting material placed in close proximity to thistle bird feeders.  There are several commercial nesting materials available, including the new Hummer Helper.  Cotton yarns and strings, dryer lint, and pet hair are a few handy things which can be placed in a mesh bag to offer as nesting material too.

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