Hey Atlanta… Copper Roof Birdhouses Make Killer Valentine’s Gifts!

February 5, 2016
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copper roof birdhouses from small to largeHappen to be local around Atlanta?
Then you’re in
luck for the best Valentine’s Day gift ever!

Special Valentine's Day Gift

Appropriate for him, for her, and of course the birds, our copper roof birdhouses are simply stunning and superb quality… and we’ll even deliver the larger ones personally- with discounts available (but you gotta call us first).

Post-mounted with majestic appearance, the real beauty lies in their PVC construction. Although these birdhouses and feeders look like wood… you’ll find none is used. The decorative brackets are vinyl and the finial is a composite resin. It means these fine bird abodes will never split, crack, rot, fade or mildew. Impervious to insect damage too, all roofs lift easily for either nest removal or filling the feeders. Complete with drainage and ventilation for cozy nests, they’re virtually maintenance-free! We can even save you on the handsome post cover too- just ask!

Make this Valentine’s Day super special with a copper roof birdhouse that’s guaranteed to last for life. Available from bluebird to martin size (estate)- which does require some space. By the way, martin scouts have been spotted in northern FL, filtering into GA, AL and SC already. Come on Spring!

Flowers are nice but it’s not too late for something great. Show some love with an architectural birdhouse for the landscape. It adds curb appeal and promises to have birds, neighbors and your special Valentine saying wow!

A Valentine's gift for each other-Copper Roof Birdhouse


Wild Bird Feeders that Do More- On Sale!

January 28, 2016
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Deluxe wild bird feeder with very bird-fiendly packing

How awesome to still see the sun out at 6:00 p.m. The days are getting longer and spring is officially 50 days away. It’s leaves, buds, rebirth and nesting… sweet new happenings for gardens and wildlife!

Though cold temperatures and snow may persist, once birds are ready to claim territories and find mates… the weather is inconsequential. Such rough starts aren’t always successful, but alas Mother Nature is resilient.

Good food helps, so filling wild bird feeders could mean the difference between life or death in some locales. Folks who monitor bluebird trails have reported starvation (in late winter-early spring) as cause of death many times, because natural food sources are unavailable. Simply put, food helps keep birds warm in frigid weather.packing from this wild bird feeder makes for excellent nesting material

These deluxe fruit & nut wreaths offer a power-packed snack for many friendly fliers. Premium ingredients means no waste and there’s even more than meets the eye.

The straw packing is awesome nesting material, cut the raffia bow and remove gold ribbon and there’s more nest material. Cut these strips short (for nestling’s safety) and use the black net that’s enclosed to offer materials. Simply hang from a branch where birds will see it.

Got a cat or dog? Save the hair from their brush! Add these to your home-made nest bag to delight chickadees, titmice, nuthatches and others. Decorative mosses and feathers are a few more favorites, but natural is always best. Even birds who don’t use houses (cardinals, jays, finches) will likely grab a bit for their nests too!

Steer clear of dyed or preserved material, and if Fido or Fluffy is being treated with flea/tick medications… nix the pet hair. If you reside anywhere near a farm or stables, ask if you can have some horse, goat or alpaca hair. They may look at you like you’re crazy- but hey, it’s all for the birds 🙂

So there you have it, a killer wild bird feeder for now- containg some very bird-friendly packaging for spring… and they’re even on sale!


Cool Bird Seed Trays that Do More

January 23, 2016
posted by birdhouse chick @ 4:05 pm

Large bird seed tray accommodates hanging or post-mount feedersBecause ground waste can easily spoil and become moldy, it poses the threat of illness to birds. It may attract less desirable critters as well, causing many to give up on feeding the birds 🙁 But larger bird seed trays like these do so much more than just catch fallen seed!

Not only for hanging feeders, but the big diameter style may be used with a pole mounted feeder as well, imagine that! It offers an extra feeding area for birds who may not even perch at the feeder itself. Simply by cutting a slit in the center of the durable mesh netting, it slides on and off the pole for easy cleaning.

In a pinch, or as an extra option, a small dish may be placed on the platform to offer some variety for birds. We use a small clay saucer to hold mealworms for our bluebirds, phoebes and warblers. Luckily, goldfinches don’t care for worms… or they’d be gone in a flash!Small feeder dish sets atop this cool bird seed tray

Setting up a small dish-like feeder with worms is most helpful when mom and dad bluebird are teaching their fledglings how to access the goods!

These affordable and innovative seed catchers are a delight to birds and hosts alike! Anything that keeps ground mess to a minimum, offers additional feeding space to see more birds, and even lets you create a new feeder on the platform will absolutely enhance the backyard birding experience. We use them at home too- so validated as pretty cool by our standards!

New Experience with Unique Hummingbirds Feeders

January 14, 2016
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Hand-held hummingbird feeders

Folks on the east coast just aren’t as lucky with varieties and season length when it comes to hummingbirds. CA and AZ see more species, with many being year-round residents.

BUT, we do love our ruby throated ones, and if you’re lucky maybe a rufous now & then too! Most can’t wait for their migration and the season to commence… simply because there’s something magical about them! We dig out and clean feeders in preparation, and track the birds’ activities on hummingbird migration maps. The anticipation and first arrivals are the best!

This year, you can get closer than ever to the tiny sprites by feeding them right from your hand. Hum-Buttons are unique hummingbird feeders that allow you to easily train the birds for this personal, up-close and awesome experience!

Offered in a set of three feeders, simply place them near an existing feeder and hummingbirds will soon be using them. Once they become accustomed, hold the feeder while standing as still as possible. Although it’s not rocket science, it does require a bit nectar-aid self-measuring pitcher for hummingbird solutionof patience.

Another helpful article at first is sunglasses! By avoiding eye contact, the sprites are more likely to fly in for a close-up.

Make your own nectar this year too (plain table sugar and water @ 1:4 ratio) and avoid red dye or anything else in the solution. There’s even a handy dandy container which requires no measuring, you can store it in the fridge and microwave if you boil the water (although not necessary). The self-measuring pitcher is called Nectar Aid and it was wildly popular last season, you don’t even need the spoon because it has a mixer attached.

Check the video below to see a Hum-Button in action, and as for the flying jewels… we wish you safe travels!

A Decent Squirrel Baffle IS the Answer!

January 4, 2016
posted by birdhouse chick @ 11:24 pm

Squirrel Baffles and Weather Guards are not the sameSince New Years is the time for resolutions, here’s a good one to keep your sanity. Because squirrels will always be a part of feeding the birds, you can resolve to actually baffle them for good!

Whether your bird feeder hangs or happens to be post- or pole-mounted, there’s a quality squirrel baffle out there that will really do the trick… we promise. It is the proper placement of said baffle that allows for full functionality and 100% performance.

In the picture at left, the feeder has a dome, and although shaped like a hanging baffle, it’s fairly obvious that it is not. A weather guard and squirrel baffle are two different things. This furry one may have also jumped sideways from something to gain access as well.

When we hear folks say they’ve quit feeding birds because of squirrels, it’s so sad because it’s fairly easy to keep the critters at bay. For almost 30 years, we’ve been feeding birds (and squirrels) without the squirrel head ache.pole-mounted squirrel baffle that works

Every single feeder in our yard has a baffle, even some nest boxes too! Baffles are ideal for protecting nestlings from predators. The most important factor to consider is feeder placement. Be certain there are no horizontal launching points from where the critters can jump. These would include any structure, tree or object… at all!

Being extreme acrobats, one should never leave room for doubt when placing a new feeder. A small, one-time investment in a good baffle will result in many years of pleasurable experiences with wild bird feeding!4x4 post-mounted squirrel baffleHanging squirrel baffle

Warmth, Wet and the Hidden Danger in Nyjer Feeders

December 30, 2015
posted by birdhouse chick @ 11:13 pm

recycled plastic or poly lumber nyjer feederThe unseasonably warm December weather in the eastern US seems to be drawing to a close- giving way to more normal, colder temperatures. In the southeast, some thought it an appropriate time to start building the ark… as the rain just would not stop.

Take all that rain combined with extreme warm temperatures and think about your bird feeders for a moment. Yuck! Plain & simple… a four-letter word for a nasty, damp, moldy mess 🙁  With consistent rains, it doesn’t even matter if you’ve just cleaned the feeder well, or scraped the mold off suet because the nasties come right back. Oh, and the smell? If you can smell the seed, chances are about 99.99% the seed is spoiled.

Although birds have no sense of smell, they do have the smarts (for the most part) to stay away from spoiled seed. But here’s the kicker: with temperatures dropping to freezing and snow already falling in many parts… flocks of finches and pine siskins may appear at nyjer feeders overnight.

Famished, freezing and in dire need of energy (calories) to sustain themselves overnight, many of these finch-like birds may partake in whatever is being offered. If your feeder happens to be serving moldy seed, it’s a recipe for disaster among these local flocks. Even if you can’t see the green, white or gray stuff, birds ingest and pass these mold spores which are usually fatal. Generally referred to as respiratory disease or salmonella, the bacteria may have several names, but all pretty much cause a slow and painful death and or blindness resulting in starvation and predation.

Sick birds appear lethargic, allowing you to get too close for comfort. They cling to feeders (whether food is fresh or old) and Sick House Finch at Sunflower Feedertheir eyes may be swollen, or even shut. Their bodies are puffed up, but it’s a different stance than when healthy birds are just trying to keep warm. Affected birds may rock, or even shake depending on the severity and stage of disease. At this point it’s the feeders themselves spreading the disease, not just the sick bird, and that’s where the tragedy lies.

Feeders must be taken down, bleached and not returned for use for at least two weeks or until the flocks disperse. The ground below feeders must also be cleaned up, even moving a hanging feeder or placing a feeding station on clean ground is a good idea. It’s an awful lot of work, and your heart starts breaking when there’s snow and birds are calling for their food. But the alternative is far worse, with one dead bird, a few dead birds, and eventually a whole bunch of fatalities around the landscape.

Sick sparrow with respiratory disease

In our yard now it’s almost impossible to clean the ground below feeders as there are virtually puddles and mush everywhere. Since we’ve been through this ordeal once already, it looks like New Year’s Eve (day) will be spent cleaning feeders and probably moving them around the yard. First we’ll check the weather, and should the forecast call for more rain… maybe we’ll start the ark instead!

But in all seriousness, please keep bird feeders and feeding areas clean. Because we attract these birds in an unnatural setting, it is solely our responsibility to promote healthy feeding areas.

And a Happy & Healthy 2016 to you and yours!

A Wish for You~

December 25, 2015
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Copper Roof Bird Feeder by Christmas – Gift Ideas 4-12!

December 23, 2015
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Elf feet

Oooh man, the elves have been busy! For anyone following the gift ideas, so sorry we dropped the ball, but getting gifts out the door for timely delivery was far more important!

And speaking of timely delivery: If you happen to be local in the Atlanta area, our elves will be delivering on Christmas Eve too! So it’s not too late to procure a smashing gift that not only lasts a lifetime, but promises wide smiles as well.

YOU CAN STILL GET IT BY CHRISTMAS: Simply order a copper roof bird feeder (or dovecote birdhouse) by 2:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon… and receive it in just a few hours! The sleigh is packed, and the reindeer and helpers are ready to deliver some major cheer! We’re not sure who in their right mind would brave the mall or stores tomorrow? Especially when a most awesome gift will magically appear on your door step! Well, maybe not that magic… you do have to pay for the item… but local and timely delivery is on us!

copper roof bird feeders and matching dovecote housesCopper Roof Bird Feeder installed and ready!


And to finish… here are the remaining verses’ true meaning of the popular Twelve Days of Christmas:

Four Calling Birds The four Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John




Five Golden Rings The Torah or Law, the first five books of the Old Testament




Six Geese a Laying The six days of creation




Seven Swans a-Swimming  the seven-fold gifts of the Holy Spirit: Prophesy, Serving, Teaching, Exhortation, Contribution, Leadership, and Mercy



Eight Maids a-Milking the eight Beatitudes




Nine ladies Dancing the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control.



Ten Lords a-Leaping the ten commandments




Eleven Pipers Piping eleven faithful disciples




Twelve Drummers Drumming the twelve points of belief in the Apostles’ Creed.




Not too shabby for a jew, huh? But pretty sure somebody messed up those last two icons!

Religious persecution (what a surprise) spawned the carol, and history says from around 1558 until 1829, Roman Catholics in England were not permitted to practice their faith openly.  The famous song was written as catechism for young Catholics during the holiday season. With two levels of meaning: the surface, plus a hidden meaning that was only known to members of the church. Each element is code for a religious reality which children could easily remember.

We wish for you the merriest of holidays,
filled with light, love, laughter, family… and birds!
The Birdhouse Chick

Give Peanut Butter with Squirrels Feeders – Gift Idea #3

December 13, 2015
posted by birdhouse chick @ 2:20 pm

day-3For the next 9 days or so, we’re suggesting some swell gift ideas for nature lovers on your list! Each icon representative of the Twelve Days of Christmas – at the end of the post, see the true meaning of the words to the carol. Since the festive tune features 6 days of birds… we deemed it most appropriate for the season!

Since the dawn of feeding wild birds, squirrels have been a big part of the picture! Love or hate them, there’s actually an easy solutions to both sides of the coin. Although a nightmare for some, many folks adore the critters and their antics and actually feed them, squirrels even have their own dedicated national holiday!bungee-cord-squirrel-feeder

Squirrel feeders provide hours of entertainment for hosts and users, and they help deter said users from raiding bird feeders. For a really special treat, you can smear some peanut butter on the corn. The extra fat and protein keeps critters warm overnight.

To stump someone and keep them guessing… buy a small jar of peanut butter and place it in their stocking. When they find it, you can bet their thoughts will be something along the lines of “what the heck?” 🙂

Several fun squirrel feeders are in stock for immediate shipping; ones that spin, the classic table & chair, the popular bungee cord, and this groovy combo feeder for corn cobs and peanuts. The latter being for gourmets only! It’s a fun & functional gift that gives back, it Combo Corn Cob and Peanut Squirrel Feedergets used everyday and provides some real entertainment.

Three down… with 9 more fab gift ideas coming!

Okay, the 3 French Hens: symbolize faith, hope and love.

Cool Birdhouse Kits – Gift Idea #2

December 9, 2015
posted by birdhouse chick @ 8:19 pm

day-2 of the 12 days of christmasFor the next 11 days (or there about) we’ll be suggesting swell gift ideas for nature buffs on your list! Each icon representative of the Twelve Days of Christmas – at the end of the post, see the true meaning of the words to the carol. Since the festive tune features 6 days of birds… we deemed it most appropriate for the season!

Stumped for a really cool gift for a bird watcher or gardening type? A gift that might allow some artistic license yet still be totally functional? Birdhouse Kits… because some of them have really come a long way! They present a puzzle for assembly (no nails, glue, or screws), the wooden ones like Box for Birds can be painted or stained, and birds really do use them. Not just for nesting in spring but also for cozy roosts on cold winter nights. It’s even a fab way to get someone hooked on birds!Fun birdhouse kit may be stained or painted

Whether original or mod style (deemed the Right, after Frank Lloyd) these kits are hand made in GA by a local company in Athens. Did you say Bull Dawgs?

Birdhouse kits are ideal for kids and adults, there’s no age limit or requirement for enjoying feathered friends! Real estate’s tough out there, so providing housing and shelter does make a difference for local beaked buddies!

Two down… 10 more easy & fun gift ideas to come!

Oh yeah, the two turtle doves: symbolize the old and new testament.